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Personal Training - $50

One on One Instruction

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We will tailor a training session just for you, based on your needs or requests.  We can work on improving accuracy and fundamentals, practical scenarios, and any other specific requests you may have.  This is a perfect way to become more comfortable with handling a weapon!  

$50 for 90 Minutes

Building Confidence

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Personal training is the perfect way to build your confidence and abilities with a handgun whether it's before or after a CWP class.  Being competent and confident in how you're carrying is one of the most important skills.  Develop that here under our instruction where we can assist you in the right decisions for holsters, handguns, ammunition, carry location and drawing techniques.

Pre-CWP Class $50 - 90 min.

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This 90 minute course is designed to assist you in getting familiar with your weapon and it's functionality before you attend a CWP Course.  During your personal training We will cover the function of your firearm with you, teach you how to break it down for cleaning, and cover the basics of using your gun on the range.  This will include some shooting on the range.  If you do not own a firearm we will provide one for you to use.

This course is designed for people with little or no experience with a firearm or firearms training that are interested in learning and becoming more comfortable with a firearm prior to being in a classroom setting. This will assist in building your confidence and abilities before attending a class with other students.   This class allows the instructor to focus specifically on you and what you need to become proficient with a firearm.