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Take Your Confidence and Ability to the Next Level...

The Advanced Concealed Carry Course is the next step in your Concealed Carry training after the CWP course and is the practical application of carrying concealed even if you are a beginner!!!

The Advanced Concealed Weapons course is an 8 hour class implementing a defensive gun handling course and the ability to develop skills necessary to be successful in a deadly encounter. This course is the next step for someone who has obtained their CWP and wants to become more comfortable with carrying their gun concealed and defending themselves lawfully and safely.

Advanced Concealed Carry Course - $100

Self defense shooting

Realistic Scenario Based Training

 We will cover multiple scenarios that could occur in your everyday life and how to appropriately respond (an intruder in your home, carjacking in a parking lot, purse snatching, assaults, targets advancing on you, moving targets, etc).  These scenarios will be discussed in the classroom and then introduced in a live fire environment where you will be improving your skills and techniques involved in drawing your concealed weapon and engaging a target.

Concealment video

Drawing From Concealment

 This is a vital aspect of carrying concealed that is rarely addressed, and without practice or knowing how to respond, the delay in decision making can mean the difference between success or failure.  You will be enhancing your skills in  drawing from concealment, point shooting, positioning, firing while moving, firing from a vehicle, flash sight picture, shooting from cover, and moving after shooting. 

Self defense shooting

Why You Need This Class

 The purpose of this class is to build your skills as a Concealed Weapons permit holder and practicing the skills needed to use your gun in a defensive confrontation.  Additionally, we will cover aspects of carrying concealed that are not discussed in the basic CWP class such as; identifying potentially dangerous persons/situations, awareness, how to react in adverse situations, and practical exercises related to everyday situations. Being prepared and ready for a confrontation is the first step to winning.  Through practical experience on the range, skill building, and being prepared you will lessen the probability of becoming the target of criminals. 

Advanced Firearms Training for Concealed Carry

 A large portion of the advanced concealed carry course will be on the range. Approximately 100-150 rounds will be fired. You are encouraged to bring the firearm you carry to the class along with your concealed carry holster.  This will allow you to make better decisions on how to carry your handgun based on your physical size and method of carry.  If you desire to use one of our guns to get a feel for a different style we will have the appropriate ammunition for the gun (price varies per caliber). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE RECEIVED YOUR PERMIT FROM SOUTH CAROLINA OR YOUR HOME STATE TO ATTEND!

Cost- $100
Prerequisites for advanced firearms training are:
   1) Successful completion of a SC CWP course, a basic firearms course, or one basic training/familiarization session with Shooting Solutions. 
   2) A firearm (semi-automatic or revolver) with concealment holster and adequate holster with support (belt). 
   3) A spare magazine and magazine carrier if available. 

Advanced Concealed Carry Refresher Course - $50 - 4 hours

For Advanced Concealed Carry Course Graduates Only

 The Advanced Concealed Weapons Refresher Course is restricted to Advanced Concealed Carry Course Graduates and will be a hands on range portion only in the morning.  Students will need to bring 100 rounds of ammunition for their weapon, a holster, and dress appropriately as you would carry your handgun in normal everyday carry situations.  We will begin with a refresher of the core skills learned in the Advanced Concealed Carry Course in drawing and firing your handgun in a defensive deadly force encounter.  We will then implement various other drills to enhance your concealed carry abilities.  Some of those will be shoot/no shoot targets to implement decision making, scenario based shooting, accuracy drills, and we will end with a fun competition between students.  This advanced firearms training course will be between 8:30 and noon. 

drawing a gun from concealment
drawing a gun from concealment